Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring :)

Aah, here we are again. Havent update for looong time! :P so, Winter is already over. and yes! I hate winter! it was so cold, the temperature drops until -30. OMG. you wouldn't want to know how was it. even when i'm inside the house i can feel the coldness and the freezing-ness outside. omg. and Spring is already here! but there are still no flowers, but! the grass are getting greener and greener and the temperature is rising until 10 degree celcius. i like it! breezy and calm :) I can't imagine how's the winter in Russia since my mom said we are going to Russia. I DONT WAAANT! Russia is still like -18 now even though it's 'SPRING'. Well to me, -20 to -30 is really fucking cold. but when it's -10 to -15, it's not that bad. but when its -5, i can go outside and meet my friends. haha. to me -5 is already okay. :)

so, i like Poland. nice country. I would like to go to Germany again soon. I like Germany because the country is so nice and the environment is just wonderful. :) The country i'd like to visit the most is France, and i think mostly all of the people want to go there. why would they not? right? :P But Poland is also nice, the old buildings are just so nice. :D

And this poster is a band called Red Hot Chili Peppers. and they're coming to Poland this summer! OMG. i told my dad about this, and he wants to go too! me and my father likes this band. They're coming to Poland for the celebration of Euro 2012 this year. and yes, EURO 2012 are everywhere in Poland since Poland is part of Europe country. On the TV, in the city, EVERYWHERE! haha. I hope i can go to this concert in Warsaw. many bands are coming to Poland this time for EURO 2012, like Metallica, Guns N Roses, Kasabian, Coldplay. Many more. :) But all are in summer.

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